Analysts: NUG’s silence on civilian causalities emboldened foreigners to continue rampage

Monday, 11 September 2017 02:46 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 159 times

A number of analysts slam the silence of Afghan government about civilian causalities caused by airstrikes conducted by foreign troops, stressing it emboldens foreign forces to commit more arbitrary activities. 


Over the past three weeks, tens of civilians were killed in airstrikes in Nangarhar, Herat, Helmand, Kabul and a number of other provinces, yet the government has not shown any reaction. 

An institution reporting on the protection of civilians has said that as many as 620 civilians suffered casualties only in August, mostly in US airstrikes. 

Ghulam Jelani Zwak, a political expert, said the government’s silence on civilian causalities not only was shameful, but also would force the people to take actions themselves. “Foreign troops kill 50 civilians at once, but our government attributes the killing to Afghan forces instead of condemning it and asking foreigners for explanation,” Zwak added. 

The recent airstrikes by foreign troops was the second practical step towards changing Afghanistan into another Waziristan, and the first step was the creation of Daesh, Zwak claimed. 

He said civilian deaths were a major factor for the escalation of war in Afghanistan, and that foreign troops intentionally wanted to provoke people, and then just watch the ensuing violence.

According to him, the government’s quietude and indifference heartened the foreigners to increase their arbitrary actions. 

Waliullah Shaheen, a political pundit, said Americans and their allies knew that every civilian death paved the way for the Taliban and Daesh to recruit more fighters, so that was why the foreigners intentionally killed civilians to prompt their families to exact revenge on Afghan people and security forces, thereby fueling the war in Afghanistan. 

Talking to The Heart of Asia, Shaheen even claimed that the new US strategy on Afghanistan required Afghan government no to react to the actions of Americans. 

Ajmal Sayes, a military expert, also confirmed the National Unity Government (NUG) has promised not to show any reaction against any American actions in Afghanistan, and that was the reason for why civilian causalities have increased. 

Precision was a key condition in airstrikes to which attention was not paid, and sometimes foreigners were intentionally bombing one area instead of another, he said, adding that “There is an area named Khwaja Ghaltan whose coordinates had been given to foreign troops to bomb a group of militants, but they bombed the Khwaja Mashad school in Kunduz city”. 

Hussain Sajadi, a political and legal expert, warned if the legality of airstrikes was not clarified based on the Afghan-US Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA), a new crisis would unfold in the country.  “The government has lately released some statements, saying it will hold fresh discussions with the US about the implementation of BSA; however, such meetings are useless because neither the main issues are discussed there nor there are tangible results so far.” 


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