Qarabagh residents protest against U.S.

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Around 2,000 protestors on Tuesday condemned the killing of Muslims in Myanmar and airdropping of offensive leaflets by US forces in Parwan and Kapisa provinces, saying they were ready to lay down their lives for Islam.


On September 3, US forces airdropped leaflets in parts of Parwan and Kapisa provinces that contained the photo of a lion running towards a dog whith its body inscribed with Kalima Tayyeba.

The residents of Qarabagh district of Kabul staged a protest rally in the district center, condemning the action of the US forces and calling for the prosecution of the perpetrators.

The demonstrators chanting ‘death to America’ and blocked the Kabul-Qarabagh highway for traffic.

Malak Abdul Aziz, an influential figure from Qarabagh, speaking on behalf of the protestors, called the leaflets an insult to Islam. “We don't insult anyone’s religion, so why do foreigners insult ours. We will sacrifice our lives but won't this affront."

A military commander of foreign forces in Afghanistan has already apologized for the airdropping of the leaflets. “The design of the leaflets mistakenly contained an image highly offensive to both Muslims and the religion of Islam,” he said.

Mass killing of Muslims in Burma

According to media reports, more than 2,000 Muslims in Burma have been killed and over 300,000 others forcibly displaced from homes by rampaging Buddhist extremists.

Rohingya Muslims currently live in temporary tents and are under close surveillance of police. They are restricted from moving out of their areas.

The Qarabagh protestors denounced the killing of the Muslims in Myanmar and expressed solidarity with them.

Malak Abdul Aziz said Muslims were suffering in Myanmar and it was the responsibility of their brothers in faith to stand against that brutality. He said Qarabagh residents were ready to go to Burma for defending the Muslims there.

A day earlier, Wolesi Jirga -- lower house of the parliament -- also condemned the leaflets and the killing of Muslims in Burma. Lawmakers asked the government to investigate the leaflet issue.


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