Analysts: America’s pressure on Pakistan not for stability in Afghanistan

Tuesday, 10 October 2017 03:18 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 228 times

Casting doubts on seriousness of the United States against Pakistan, a number of Afghan international relations experts believe Washington has not exerted pressure on Islamabad to restore stability in Afghanistan, saying that it is aimed at protecting American interests in the region other than bringing peace to Afghanistan. 


They suggest Afghanistan should maintain a reasonable balance in relations between the United States and regional countries, and that its foreign policy should not be used for the interests of others. 

Meanwhile, former Afghan President Hamid Karzai also said while ago that pressure on Pakistan in Trump's strategy for Afghanistan and South Asia was not intended to eliminate extremism in the region; there were other reasons behind it. 

Hussain Sajadi, an international relation expert, said Afghanistan has unfortunately lost or alienated some of its close or distant neighbors over the past three years, an issue which had a direct link to American presence in the country. 

Talking to The Heart of Asia, he stressed that adopting an aggressive stance against the neighboring countries by the government at the behest of United States, or threatening them in way that was not in the interests of Afghanistan did not represent the collective will of Afghans. 

The Trump administration has not piled up pressure on Pakistan because of its interference in Afghanistan, but rather for its own regional interests, Sajadi asserted, adding that if the US put pressure on Iran, the objective would also not be Afghan stability. 

Though Afghanistan was in a weak position, its foreign policy should be independent and free of outside influence, Sajadi concluded. 

Latif Nazari, a political expert, suggested that Afghan government discuss its problems with neighboring countries directly or in global forums where at least the influence of other countries was little. “Whether or not the US has really increased pressure on Pakistan is not clear, and it may be once again a game. The American pressure on Iran can also be part of this game; therefore, Afghanistan should only count on the results.”

Welcoming US pressure on other countries until the results were not clear was untoward because it could create problems for Afghanistan, Nazari believed, proposing that Kabul should keep Washington as an ally, but should not alienate other nations for the sake of Americans. 

According to him, keeping a balance in regional and global policies should be a priority for the Afghan government, without which Afghanistan’s problems could increase multifold. 

Despite several attempts, we could not get the comment of the Presidential Palace on the issue. 


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