Mafia members out to grab govt land in Khak-i-Jabbar

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Mafia members plan to usurp government land in the Chinar area of Khak-i-Jabbar district in Kabul province, claim residents.


Inhabitants of the area protested against the move saying hundreds of acres of government land were being grabbed. They want the authorities concerned to take care of the issue.

Mohammad Afzal, hailing from Chinar area, reveals a large portion of state land in Khak-i-Jabbar, east of Kabul, has been grabbed or sold by mafia.

“People of Khak-i-Jabbar and Sarobi have established a council for preventing land grab in their districts,” he adds.

Some of the land was allotted to Khak-i-Jabbar by former president Hamid Karzai and some of it is still untouched. But now some individuals are out to grab this land.

“Some people close to Mullah Tarakhel, a Kuchi representative in the Wolesi Jirga, have attempted several times to usurp part of this land but faced public reaction,” explains Afzal.

Haji Rustam, another protestor from the area, characterizes the government land as rain-fed farms. Some parts of the land were distributed to refugees and internally-displaced people.

But certain some mafia groups want to grab the land by constructing a wall around it, he continues.

“Locals, cooperating with the government, will support the launch development schemes or townships on the land. But they would not allow mafia groups to grab the land,” he declares.

A resident of the area, who wished to go unnamed, says Hamayoon Hamayoon, Wolesi Jirga deputy speaker, Mullah Tarakhel and Haji Munji, brother of MP Sher Ali Ahmadzai, are trying to grab the land.

Haji Noor Rahman and Hanif, who have been appointed by these lawmakers, are allegedly trying to create disputes among local tribes so they could easily seize the government-owned land.

Pajhwok Afghan News was unable to establish contact with Hamayoon and Sher Ali Ahmadzai. But Mullah Tarakhel rejected local the claim. “I am not aware of it. Those who use my name for such things should be exposed and arrested,”

He said residents of the district could share their problem with legal sources. The Kabul governor and Khak-i-Jabbar officials are yet to comment on the issue.


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