Kabul urged not to make unilateral concessions to Islamabad

Wednesday, 11 October 2017 03:24 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 271 times

While President Ghani is expected to pay a visit to Pakistan in the near future on the invitation of Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff (COAS), some political observers stress the visit should be different from others, calling on him not to make  one-sided concessions to Pakistan. 


Meanwhile, the Presidential Palace has described in a press statement the renewed interactions between Kabul and Islamabad as a new chapter in Afghan-Pak ties. 

Aryan Yoon, a female lawmaker, thought the new Afghan-Pak contacts appeared to be a repetition of the past experience; however, she said the National Unity Government (NUG) was expected to have learned lessons from the past, and therefore not make unilateral concessions to Pakistan. 

Talking to The Heart of Asia, Yoon said Islamabad has previously imposed or attempted to impose its conditions on Kabul under one name or another, but the Afghan side got nothing in return. 

She emphasized that the agreements made during such visits should have bilateral balance, and not be reached in a way in which Pakistan’s demands would be satisfied, but it would not honor its commitments. 

The international community has now come to the conclusion that Pakistan was a state sponsor of terror groups, she said, calling on the Afghan government to embrace the opportunity, and use Pakistan’s weakness for its own stability. 

According to some reports, President Ghani and Pakistani officials will discuss the improvement of political and economic ties between the two countries besides the exchange of some prisoners.  The National Security Council (NSC) has said Afghan government has asked Pakistan to hand over five Taliban leaders currently held in Pakistani prisons to Afghanistan. 

Saying that Pakistan was trying to portray that the threat facing the country was very serious and posed from Afghanistan, Asadullah Ezat, a political expert, told The Heart of Asia: "An opportunity has arisen for Afghanistan because the United States has reached a conclusion after 16 years that Pakistan is supporting terrorists. Thus, the Afghan government should utilize the opportunity rather than make unilateral concessions to Pakistan." 

The National Unity Government has kept secret all its deals with Pakistan, Ezat said, hoping the government to share everything discussed during the visit between the two sides with the people. 

Meanwhile, Gen. Atiqullah Amarkhail, uttered that Pakistan was seeking to crush anti Pakistan militants on both sides of the Durand Line, while trying to keep the Taliban who posed a threat only to Afghanistan intact. 

He told The Heart of Asia that if only Taliban opposing Pakistan’s interests were eliminated, and those fighting in Afghanistan continued to enjoy safe havens in Quetta and Peshawar, it would do more harm than good to Afghanistan. 

Amarkhail hoped President Ghani would adopt a new stance against Pakistan by learning a lesson from his past experience, and talk to Pakistani leaders as the head of an independent state. 







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